Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness for Anxiety, Panic, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 



You've read countless self-help books, talked to friends or maybe even tried to find the right therapist but you still find yourself saying:

"I'm so stupid."

"Nobody will ever love me."

"I'll never get over this."

"I fail at everything I try."

"This is terrible!"

The problem isn't that you aren't trying hard enough - you need to learn the strategies that really work to reduce worrying and anxiety. 

Most of us have busy minds filled with doubts, worries and other stressful inner chatter. Some studies estimate that we think anywhere from 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day and it can be hard to turn off the thoughts that bring us down or make us feel hopeless. It can be especially difficult to try and quiet your mind at night when all you want to do is get some much needed sleep. 

Life is tough enough without making it harder on yourself by thinking painful thoughts. However, there is a way to turn around how you talk to yourself. You really can change your life by changing your thoughts. Imagine how you would feel if you didn't waste time beating yourself up or worrying about worst case scenarios that never play out. What would your life be like if you could be free of the stressful thoughts that waste precious time and energy at the same time as they crush your spirit?

It also gets frustrating when well-intentioned friends and family give you unhelpful advice. "Just don't think about it," they say. I'm sure you never thought of trying that! "You need to start being more positive. Just let it go." The trouble is that it's not that easy to just let go of a thought - you need a strategy. "Aren't you over this by now? It's crazy that you are still worrying about this!" If you knew, you wouldn't still be worrying. Or how about, "You don't seem all that worried to me. I've seen you do other things way scarier than that."

Nevertheless, you continue to ask those close to you for reassurance over and over again. Unfortunately, when they tell you not to worry, that what you fear is never going to happen, you may feel better for a little while but go back to making yourself sick with worry before you know it.

Eventually, your friends and family get frustrated. Not because they don't care, but because they don't know how to help you anymore and they would rather not hear about your problems if they can't fix them. They give you common sense advice.Unfortunately, common sense doesn't work when you get stuck on an anxious thought.This is why so many of the people that I see mistakingly think that they are going crazy. You already know that you shouldn't be worrying but you don't know how stop it. That's the problem.

You are probably more frustrated than anyone else because the costs of anxiety are high. Why would you want to waste time worrying, get passed over on promotions or career opportunities, or miss out romantic relationships and making new friends if there was something that you could do to change the situation?

Self-help books can leave you feeling discouraged when they don't show you how challenge anxious thoughts and disengage from them in your own everyday life. You can feel at times like you are trying to learn karate or ballroom dancing from a book with no feedback on whether you are doing it correctly! We all need coaches who can help us learn new skills and continue to improve - and learning how to stop worrying is no different.

Many of the solutions to countering an anxious or worried mind are counter-intuitive.You would have never thought of trying these tricks in a thousand years. However, most of the strategies are simple, effective and rather easy to learn (but some do require a bit of practice until they become a regular part of your everyday routine). 

Join countless others who have learned to recognize, question and rewrite the thoughtsthat limit their success, happiness and well-being. It is possible to learn how to quiet your mind, live in the present moment and get a good night's sleep.  

If you're tired of trying to figure this out on your own, confused about what works for anxiety and would like to talk to someone who specializes in your concerns (and has been there herself) please give me a call. I have helped many others learn how to take back their life from worry, doubt or fear I would love to help you find the same freedom. Many people have told me that the best thing about us working together is how we get right to the heart of the matter - at the comfortable pace you want but that will get you to the place you want to be in your life. 

There are many options for how we could work together - one on one weekly or bi-weekly sessions. One increasingly popular option is to schedule a one or two day Rapid Relief Session where I teach you everything you need to know in a shorter period of time for the fastest relief from your anxiety. This option works well for people who would find it easier to block off a day or two from work, or are travelling from out of town and want to make the most of their trip or just want relief as quickly as possible. 

Most people only need to see me for between 5-10 hours before they start feeling better but please feel free to call me if you have any questions about your particular situation. My goal is to help you feel better as quickly as possible and for you to become your own therapist who is an expert at challenging your own anxious thoughts.

Please don't waste another day of your life feeling stressed out and worried when there are effective treatments for anxiety (including social anxiety, exam anxiety, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder) and OCD.  Book your appointment online or give me a call and we can start working on helping you feel better today.



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