Resolving To Live Better

Many people resolve at the start of New Year to do things differently. Starting a new diet or exercise program, getting more sleep or worrying less are all great ways to improve your life and take care of your health. I'm often asked, because I'm a psychologist, whether resolutions are a good or a bad thing - and I think they're great.

We all have to start dreaming about the ways we can make those changes that are good for us. Maintaining that initial motivation is the tricky part. The good news is that there are several things you can do to enhance the likelihood that you will reach your goals. I did an interview for the CBC a few  years ago about sticking to your goals and a particular technique we use in cognitive therapy called response cards. 

Whether you're starting anxiety treatment, training for a marathon, or finally wanting to write that novel watch the video for more info on how response cards are a simple but effective way to stick to your plans! Watch the video and start making the changes that will make you happier today.