Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety & Stress


When you feel like you're going in circles with a problem, a difficult person or something that you can't stop worrying about, cognitive therapy can help you find the relief you need.

  • Individual 50-minute counselling sessions. Typically, people come in for traditional face to face counselling sessions every week or every other week depending on your schedule. Most people attend 5-8 sessions of therapy before they start to really notice that they are feeling better. If you have multiple concerns, depression or OCD, expect therapy to take a little longer - anywhere from 15-20 sessions on average. If you would prefer to work mostly on your own self-help program with monthly "coaching" sessions with a therapist who can give you feedback and encouragement we would be happy to accommodate you. 
  • Online Therapy. Please inquire about whether secure video chat or email therapy would work for you! Please phone 604-259-0627 and one of our therapists will be able to answer your questions about this convenient treatment option. You must be a resident of and currently living in British Columbia to be eligible for this service (e.g., BC students studying out of province are not eligible - you must be physically present in BC at the time of your treatment). 
  • Online classes. These are offered periodically, where you can learn a particular set of skills from the comfort of your own home. If you miss a class, you'll be able to watch the recordings at a time that is more convenient for you. Please check this website regularly for the latest schedule of classes. While you are waiting for live online classes, please click here to check out the free online self-help videos.
  • Speaking and Events. All of our therapists are accomplished speakers and we have been told that audiences have appreciated the humorous but clear presentations they have attended.  Contact us today whether you need a keynote speaker, inservice for your team, or focused skills training for small or large groups. Popular talks have included:
    • Grace Under Fire: Advanced Assertiveness Skills for Dealing with Angry and Aggressive People
    • Stress Reduction for Busy People: The 5 Steps You Can Take Today to Start Feeling Better Now
    • Ethics and Safe Use of Technology in Clinical Practice