Here is an online version of the anxiety groups Dr. Korol has taught at various hospitals and workshops. Clients seeing a therapist at Vancouver Anxiety and Stress Centre can watch the videos, practice the concepts and receive ongoing feedback and coaching in the techniques in their therapy sessions. 

In this first of 6 classes, Dr. Korol explains what is anxiety and worry and what are the beliefs that keep us stuck.  The educational material presented in this video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

How to let go of thoughts that get stuck in your head (kind of the same way a song can) and refocus your attention. The second half of the class covers accepting uncertainty. 

Dr Christine Korol shows you that how you breathe can affect how you feel - learn why it's important not to simply take a deep breath when you're anxious and how to breathe properly. Then learn how to release tension with progressive muscle relaxation. 

In this class, Dr. Korol shows you how to challenge various beliefs about worry that keep you stuck as well as how to challenge your own worries. 


Learn the difference between a worry and a problem and then a strategy for coming up with a plan to solve your problem will be demonstrated. 

Learn little tips to keep you on track with Dr. Christine Korol as well as a reminder of the importance of being kind to yourself and good self-care.