We are dedicated to helping you feel better at a pace that is comfortable for you and have extensive training in cognitive therapy for the treatment of anxiety, OCD and stress. 


SHIRLEY FRIESEN, M.A., Registered psychologist


Shirley has over 20 years of experience helping people who are exhausted from trying too hard to keep everything under control. She has overcome panic and worry herself and knows what it feels like when you’re overthinking every detail, frustrated that other people seem to live their lives effortlessly.  Shirley can gently teach you the strategies that will help you feel less anxious and stressed more confident, self-assured and happier.

She also has extensive experience supporting people who are dealing with toxic people or work environments and helping them find ways to cope. There are few things as devastating as working in an unhealthy work environment or with a toxic boss or co-workers. Making matters worse, companies often knowingly exploit “anxious overachievers”, people who want to do a good job despite limited resources to do that job.

Shirley can help you develop a step by step plan to change things for the better. Uncovering choices you didn’t think were possible are all part of the process of bringing your life back into better balance. Shirley would love to help you set healthy boundaries and start feeling happy and at ease at work and home.

theo degagne, Ph.d., Registered psychologist 

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Theo has been helping people cope with anxiety, depression and chronic health issues since 1996. He is a believer in cognitive therapy because he knows firsthand the relief that it can bring! Personally, he has learned the hard way that being a people pleaser or perfectionist to avoid rejection, can lead to exhaustion, stress and even harm your relationships with friends and family. He loves helping people find ways to take care of themselves without worrying that they are letting other people down. Schedule an appointment with Theo if you would like to learn how it is possible to deepen your connections with others without neglecting your own needs.

Theo also has a special interest in helping people living with bipolar disorder learn the strategies that can help reduce stress and notice patterns. 

Theo is also an Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia and CACBT-certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In addition to his work at Vancouver Anxiety  Centre, Theo is also a psychologist at St. Paul's Hospital. Previously, Theo was the Professional Practice Leader for Psychology at Vancouver Coastal Health and the Director of Clinical Training.

christine korol, ph.d., registered psychologist

Christine has been helping adults and children with anxiety since 1998. She knows what anxiety feels like firsthand and wants to help you quiet your minds and find relief from your suffering.

She has personally overcome panic attacks and generalized anxiety when she was a student and continues to thrive with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are suffering from anxiety, OCD or insomnia, Christine knows how scary and embarrassing it can be to talk to someone about all of your fears and to ask for help. You don’t need to worry that Christine will think you're weird or crazy because she has been there herself.

Christine is also a psychologist in the Department of Psychology at BC Children's Hospital, an Adjunct Professor in Department of Psychology at UBC and CACBT-certified in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. 


Depression, anxiety, stress, grief, shame, relationship, and family of origin challenges can be overwhelming and dominate your wellbeing.  Colleen can help you sort out what you're already trying that is working and not working, learn skills that will help create change, and put you and your values back into the driver's seat in your life.   Her clinical approach is focused on helping people understand what they can change in the short, medium, and long term to feel better and move forward.  Colleen has had a dynamic career in clinical psychology for over 15 years, working with people struggling to manage the stress of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, cardiac conditions, pain, disordered eating, and weight management.  

In addition to her individual practice, Colleen has taught countless groups stress management and skills for managing depression and anxiety, integrating humour and day-to-day examples to help keep it all "real". Colleen is the co-founder of Craving Change Inc, Canada's #1 cognitive-behavioural intervention for problematic eating.